Clad Aluminum Coils for Brazing Heat Exchangers of Automobile

Cladding an aluminum-silicon alloy with a brazing sheet provides an aluminum alloy that has the thin walls necessary for use in automobile heat exchangers, as well as such desirable characteristics as high strength, corrosion resistance and formability. We have developed and are refining a variety of products of this sort. Heat Exchanger On Vehicle Application

Clad Aluminum Alloy Plates, Strips for Brazing, which are widely used in brazed heat exchangers, electronics, automotive engineering, thermal engineering, and machinery engineering and etc. 1) Core Alloy: 3003, 3004, 3005 Etc

An aluminum alloy clad sheet for heat exchangers includes a core layer, a sacrificial layer disposed on one side of the core layer, and a brazing layer of an Al—Si alloy disposed on the other side...

Zinc Brazing of Automotive Aluminum Heat Exchangers. 930152. Provision of a layer of zinc on aluminium to provide the fillets for soldering is well established but this usually necessitates a thick layer of zinc (>30μm) and soldering at temperatures below 450°C. New technology has been developed to enable sound joints to be made on aluminium heat exchangers using a much thinner layer of zinc (4 …

Aluminum brazing sheets for automotive heat exchangers are extensively used and their mechanical properties are mainly related to the microstructure of core alloys. In this study, strip-cast 3000-series aluminum alloys having high strengths are used as core alloys for aluminum clad sheets.

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The aluminum clad stainless steel and stainless iron clad aluminum Yinbang produces can be used for the fabrication of energy-saving cookware. Compared with pure stainless steel (stainless iron) material, our stainless steel (stainless iron) clad aluminum has both excellent heat exchanging performance and high corrosion resistance.

Aleris is among the world’s leading suppliers of high-quality clad aluminum products for the manufacture of heat exchangers. A heat exchanger is a device built to efficiently transfer heat from one medium to another. These products are widely used in the automotive industry, …

Apr 11, 2002 · Clad-coated manifolds and finstock join the three components into a unitized coil in a nitrogen-charged brazing furnace. Repeatability and process control of this technology are exceptional. Many Tier-1 automotive suppliers produce thousands of coils per day, striving for zero defects.

We supply the whole range of products non-clad aluminum strip sheet , plain and coated material to the various processes for brazing or mechanically joining of heat exchangers. Our products are of the highest quality to meet the developing and demanding requirements of the market, i.e. improved strength, sag restistance, corrosion resistance

An assembly (oil cooler unit), under the state where first and second plates ( 130, 140 ) prevent a heat exchange core ( 110 ) from falling from a casing ( 120 ), is provisionally assembled, and this oil cooler unit is dipped in a flux to apply the flux. A seal surface plate ( 150 ) is then assembled to the second plate ( 140 ) and is brazed by heat-brazing in an inert gas atmosphere.

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At Yinbang, we specialize in the production of aluminum brazing clad, unclad sheets, and strips and foils for heat exchangers, which can be applied to uses in the automotive industry, mechanical machinery, home appliance, and power cooling systems. We also produce special aluminum raw materials such as battery materials and heavy gauge sheets for new energy cars and rail transit projects.

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Decades of design experience have proven clads give lower assembly costs and higher manufacturing yields compared to using thin braze foils or paste. Applications include oil coolers, transmission coolers, and charge air coolers for off-road equipment, HDD trucks and passenger cars. Industrial heat exchangers also benefit from self brazing clads.

A multiclad aluminium brazing sheet for automobile heat exchanger main board, which is composed of AA4045 alloy, AA3003 alloy, and Mod6060 alloy. The above three alloys are produced. The above three alloys are produced.

Introduction Aluminum alloys have been the material of choice for heat exchangers in automotive thermal management systems since the mid-1970s. Today, clad aluminum brazing sheet is favored for its good corrosion resistance and strong braze performance. This clad sheet generally comprises a 3000-series aluminum alloy core, with a clad layer of lower melting-point 4000-series

Aluminium Sheet Coil For Automobile Heat Exchanger Alloy (3003/4047/4104/4A13) Most of aluminum heat exchangers are brazed in controlled atmosphere brazing (CAB) furnaces, using fluxes to remove the oxide layer on the brazing sheet surface. This study rather focuses on plates and fins heat exchangers brazed under secondary vacuum.

An aluminum alloy clad sheet for heat exchangers includes a core layer, a sacrificial layer disposed on one side of the core layer, and a brazing layer of an Al—Si alloy disposed on the other side of the core layer, wherein the core layer contains Si: 0.15% to 1.6% by mass, Mn: 0.3% to 2.0% by mass, Cu: 0.1% to 1.0% by mass, Ti: 0.02% to 0.30% by mass, and the remainder of Al and incidental ...

Aluminum materials for heat exchangers. Special features. Materials development based on a rich track record of delivery; ... Clad tube with brazing material. Application to a heat exchanger. Intercooler. Inverter cooler (EV/HV) [Sheets & Plates] 6000 series aluminum alloy sheet for body panels

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There is an increase in demand for heat exchangers to effectively recover waste heat as part of environmental protection and energy conservation measures. We have developed and massproduce a wide variety of unique materials, including separation sheet materials clad with brazing filler metals, corrosion resistant clad metals, and ductile brazing filler metals.

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading Brazing Aluminum Foil manufacturer and supplier for more than 10 years. Our brazing foil is produced from hot rolling cladding sheet, after several times of rolling, the combination of core layer with cladding layer becomes unseparatable, making the foil well functioning in both brazing and heat exchange.

CIG is the first plant in Southeast Asia to manufacture all-aluminum coils with high standards for transportation, residential, commercial and industrial applications. Our aluminum coils boast lighter weight and economical cost with dedicated facility for aluminum production. Condenser and Evaporator Coils; Chilled and Hot Water Coil (<148℃)

3000 series core and 4000 series cladding alloys in coil and sheet form: Up to 12% Si content: Low melting range; Attractive appearance and aesthetic properties; Brazing sheet often referred to as clad product has one or more liner alloys that are bonded together and often used in heat exchangers

Aluminum brazing sheets for automotive heat exchangers are extensively used and their mechanical properties are mainly related to the microstructure of core alloys. In this study, strip-cast 3000-series aluminum alloys having high strengths are used as core alloys for aluminum clad sheets.

Improvement in the Brazeability of Aluminum Clad Thinner Fin for Automotive Heat Exchanger 2005-01-1390 Through the years, aluminum automotive heat exchangers have been developed in order to have a high performance and a light weight.

In aluminum alloys, clad products such as brazing sheet used in heat exchangers have large commercial markets. Brazing sheet consists of a lower melting-point alloy clad to a brazeable alloy core with higher melting point (e.g. 4045/3003). Traditional cladding is, …

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With a selection of kinds alloys and type of aluminum products, we’re dedicated to being a premier producer of Aluminum products. includes brazed Aluminum sheets for heat exchangers, Painted Aluminum sheets and rolled Aluminum alloy sheets & plates, coils & strips, as well as Round Bar & Tube, Welded Tube and Aluminum welding wire and other special metal, with each order expertly …

Zn78Al22 Aluminum Flux Cored Brazing Rod Zn78Al22 Aluminum Flux Cored Brazing Rod consists of a Zn-Al alloy in strip form that is rolled around a white, powdered fluoride flux.Zn78Al22 Aluminum Flux Cored Brazing Rod make a sound joint, stronger than the …

Aluminum flux cored wire and aluminum brazing flux can be used widely in aluminum evaporator, aluminum condensor, aluminum plate heat exchangers,for automotive air-conditioning. It can also be used in aluminum radiator. The aluminum flux cored including: Al88Si12 Aluminum flux cored . Zn98Al2 Copper Aluminum flux cored

After brazing, heat exchangers are customized for the given car model by attaching either nylon tanks or most commonly different aluminum pipes with connection blocks. The pipes are attached either by gas metal arc welding, or GMAW, (formerly known as MIG welding), flame or induction brazing.

Brazing applications include jet engine exhaust, aerospace and industrial heat exchangers. ... heat concerns in cell phones and other hand held devices or higher power electronics are pushing the limits of heat sink technology. Copper or aluminum clad stainless offers better thermal performance while not sacrificing weldability or aesthetics ...

SeCoil® – expert system for the design, simulation, optimization and control of the heating processes of aluminum coils. Active Only ® – Semi-Continuous Aluminum Work Furnace with the highest flexibility dedicated to customers with the highest level of diversity of HVAC exchangers and HVAC customers brazing air-conditioning exchangers.

Aluminum Brazing Sheet (for Heat Exchanger) Our range of aluminum brazing sheet is adapted for different kinds of brazing processes, such as Nocolok brazing and vacuum brazing. Available in both aluminum sheets and aluminium coils, they can be widely used in the parts of automobile engine and air conditioning system.

Novelis is a leading supplier of light-gauge, narrow-slit aluminum fin stock (bare and clad) and brazing sheet used in the production of heat exchangers. Our aluminum components are the material of choice for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and aftermarket component manufacturers in the automotive industry.

In the manufacturing of the heat exchanger, the Al-Si alloy clad material 2 cladded on both surfaces of the core material 1 in the brazing sheet 3 of which the fin is formed is (a) Al-Si alloy, for example, such as Al-7.5% Si (AA 4343) or Al-10% Si (AA 4045) in the case of brazing in nonoxidizing atmosphere, or typical brazing and (b) Al-Si-Mg ...